Process Space & Public Tender

We would like to inform you that PROCESS SPACE d.o.o. has obtained co-financing of the Process Space project within the framework of the Public Tender P2 2022 – Incentives for the start-up of innovative companies.

Description of the Process Space project

The arrival of advanced technologies, digitization and globalization in companies are increasing the demand for change and the introduction of new, efficient and environmentally friendly business models. Many small businesses, as well as professionals, have the challenge of knowing where and how to get timely, relevant, quality and audited advice from an experienced professional in a comparable industry. Unfortunately, most currently rely on their own feelings and dubious advice. We are developing the Process–Space solution, Software as a Service, an online service that works on a platform with which authors create top–quality process capsules proven in practice. The platform will be a meeting place for business knowledge and will provide tactical, do–it–yourself, ‘problem solving‘ solutions in one place and with the help of artificial intelligence for greater efficiency of existing operations, greater added value and for creating conditions for faster and sustained economic growth. The first reactions from users are very positive. We go beyond the existing offers, which are based on personal contact, are time–consuming and with an unclear outcome, and we are introducing a digital, interactive and rapidly expandable online service.

The investment is co-financed by the Republic of Slovenia and the European Union from the European Fund for Regional Development –