We are proud of every milestone


We are proud of every milestone

The primary reason for most business challenges is that processes don’t align with business goals. In other words, you know your final destination, but you are using the wrong vehicle. So, no matter how good your product is, how excellent the team is and how strong and doable looks your plan, in many cases you need to reach your target faster. Inefficiency most commonly lies in how we manage people, how we research and innovate, ensure quality and finance control, as well how well we hack marketing and sales processes.

Once we start improving our business processes, it’s essential to make it fast, safe and with minimum risk.

Process Space™ is a one-stop solution where enterprises and consultants discover, download templates and improve processes that have already been used and proven by industry experts and businesses. The platform lets you easily monitor progress and compare KPIs with industry benchmarks.

We proudly announce that Amitas d.o.o.  has decide to use the Process Space™ platform for the development, management, and sales of HR processes within their own HRM software solution FledgeWorks. 

Amitas d.o.o.  helps its clients transform their HR department from an administrative one into an agile, strategically oriented, talent development department that achieves the strategic goals of the company by providing competent, motivated, and loyal employees.

Don’t reinvent- learn and re-apply what truly works right HERE!